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Home to the tribals with bhils constituting half of the total population , Banswara has its name derived from " Bans" or Bamboo trees , which once grew here in abundance .
The erstwhile state was founded by Maharawal Jagmal Singh . Bounded by Udaipur and Chittaurgarh , the district presently comprises of the territories of Former Banswara State and the Chieftainship of Kushalgarh , While the Central and Western portion of the district are fertile plains , the scattered ranges of the Aravallis form the eastern region .
The ancient town is surrounded by a stone wall , now in ruins . A palace of former rulers Of Banswara stands overlooking the town .
The Teak forests are found on the slopes of the Aravalli hills . Mango , Dates , and ( Mahua Trees ) are also a part of the vegetation of the district , Banswara has a rich wildlife variety including squirrels , lizards , snakes , chinkara , ronj and four horned antelope . Partners can be seen rarely . The avian variety includes the black drongo , grey shirke , green bee-eater , parrot , jungle crow , wood pecker and common myna . Grey jungle fowl , red spir fowl and grey partridge and generally spotted in the remote in the remote parts of the forest .

Mahi Dam :
( 18 km ) : Under the Mahi Bajaj Sagar Project , Various dams and canals have been built over the Mahi river amid beautiful surroundings .The Mahi river has a number of islands at intervals and hence Banswara is at times referred to as "the city of hundred islands " The Mahi Dam and the Kagdi Pikup have a picturesque fountain garden , surely worth a visit .

Anand Sagar Lake or Bai Talab :
An artificial lake on the eastern site of the town constructed by Lanchi Bai of Idar the Queen of Maharawal Jagmal . Beautiful chhatris of rulers of the state and a array famous for fulfilling desires of visitors , lie close by . Dialab Lake : A beautiful lake covered with lous flowers . On the bank of the lake is Badal Mahal , the summer resort of former rulers .

Abdulla Pir :
a popular shrine of bohra Muslims saint , attracting a large number of Bohra Muslims from al over during the annual Urs festival .

Madareshwar :
A temple of Lord Shiva set amid natural beauty . Other temples in the city include Dwarkadhish Temple ( Krishan Temple) Laxmi Narayn Temple and Vaneshwar Mahadeo Temple , Kali Kalyani Dham and Padoli Rathore are other spiritual centers near the town which attract thousands of people from all over the country every year .

Arthuna ( 55 km ) :
The ruins of cluster of Shaivite and Jain Temples dating back to the 11th ,12th and 15th centuries are found in this village . The Mandleshwar Temple , built in 1080 A.D by Chamunda Raja Paramara Chief , is noteworthy . Arthuna is famous for its special Shivratri and Holi celebrations .

Talwara ( 15 km ) :
A historic city with ruins of some ancient monuments and temples famous for their beautifully carved idols in local black stone. The famous temples of Talwara includes Laxmi Narain temple , Gokarneshwar Mahadeva Temple and Jain Temple of Sambhar Nath .