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Hotels in Bundi                     Bundi                    Car Rental in Bundi

36 km from Kota is a tiny picturesque town , Bundi One of the unexplored  cities with a rich  historical wealth  . Once a part  of Kota , it was ruled by the Hada Chauhans – an offshoot of the famous Chauhan clan who ruled Delhi and Ajmer .

In 1193 A.D When Prithvi Raj chauhan was defeated by Sultan Mohammad Ghauri , some Chauhan nobeles seeked shelter in Mewar and become Valley and overpowered the Meena and  bhils tribals – thus establishing their own kingdon of Hadoti .Later two branches of Hadas formed  two  separate states of Kota and Bundi , on either side of the River Chambal .

Bundi is surrounded by th Aravalli hills on three sides and is circumscribed  by a massive wall with four gateways .

Interesting monuments including impressive medieval forts , palaces , havelis temples with beautiful stone idols chattris with carved pillars , along with a famous for its intricate carvings and murals .


Taragarh or The Star Fort :  Built in 1354 A.D the fort is one of the most impressive forts of Rajasthan . Perched on a thickly wooded hill is a marvelous white fort with a huge reservoir which once supplied water to the palace .

 The Palace: this magnificent edifice is a fine example of the Rajput architecture , housing some of the  superb Bundi murals .

 Chhattar Mahal or Palace of Towers : A Steep , paved carraife –way is the only way to reach the monument .Of special interest in the palace is the Hazari Pol or Gate of the thousand , the Naubat Khana , the Hathi Pil with its old water clock and the Diwaan –e-aam .

 Ratan Daulat: Built by Rao Raja Ratan Singh it is a very interesting structure forming a stable for nine horses and a Hatia pol . ( Prior permission required for visit ) .

 Chitrashala : A Fascinating pavilion and a gallery of miniature murals  embellish the palace . elaborate colourful paintings on the walls depict scenes from the “Ragamala” and “Raaslila “ – the Radha Krishna story  .

 Nawal Sagar : Visible from the fort is the square artificial lake  of Nawal Sagar , broken up by islets . A Temple  dedicated to Varuna , the Aryan god of water , stands  half submerged in the center of the lake / The Reflection of the entire city and its palaces can be seen in the lake – making it a unique attraction of Bundi .

 Raniji –ki- Baori: It is 46m deep stepped well with some superb carving on its pillars and a high arched gate built in 1699 A.d by Rani Nathavatiji . this well is one of the largest of its kind .

 Sukh Mahal : A Magnificent summer palace on the Sukh Sagar Lake amid the lush surrounding of a beautiful garden  An underground tunnel is believed to  run  from the Sukh Mahal to the old palace .

 Phool Sagar : The 20th Century palace with an artificial  tank and picturesque gardens . Presently , it is the residence of the former ruler ( Prior permission Secretary is required for a visit )

 Shikar Burj : The Royal hunting lodge set amidst the lush surroundings .It is a favorite picnic spot .

 Kshar Bagh : An Ancient garden near the Shikar Burj with beautiful chhatris of the Bundi rulers and their queens – all examples of the town’s rich architecture .

(Prior permission required for visit)

 Eighty Four Pillared Cenotaph : An amazingly magnificent memorial with 84 pillars in a single cenotaph along with a shiva Lingam . It was erected by Rao Anirudh .


 Jait Sagar Lake (3km) : A Picturesque lake cradled in the hills , built by Jaita Meena  The swirling fountain at night is visual delight .

 Rameshwarm ( 45km) : The Cave temple of Lord Shiva surrounded by the Aravalli ranges . An ideal picnic spot as well